Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wrenches I used to think were a joke

Yea, after a day of pulling on these I was ready for the hot tub.

Passenger boggie arm and torsion assembly

Not a simple task to get out. After talking with other bus nuts, I think I will just order this whole assembly from Eagle in Texas.

Passenger side fuel tank support, well whats left of it anyway

Rusted through shackel

Another "whats holding this bus up moment".

I cant believe somebody actually used a coat hanger and some duck tape to hold this on!

Next wheel well to do

Never mind, you know the drill.

Time to eat some more rust

In the bay looking back. Id like to skip this chapter and make it a mystery.

Front passenger wheel well

Front passenger wheel well

One wheel well complete with Rust Bullet applied. Now only 5 more to go.

Bay floor support from wheel well veiw

The new front sill for the front bay

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Outside of slide out

Man that filon is going to look good on the bus. That is a sample of it clamped to the bus

the rusty bay floor support is gone

By the way, please dont anyone think they can support one of these heavy busses with a cement block. That block is there only to support the rear end in my jeans.

Its worse than it looks

Laying on the ground looking up

Front bay floor support

I set up the side wall supports to take this 1 and 1/2 by 3 support, long ago. So that the bottom of the bay joist will all be on the same plane. When I get done I will cover them with alluminum skin and insulate the bay floor with spray foam.

Rotten front bay floor support

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

one slide out frame done and three to go

rust bullet

You can now see the pocket I created under the slideout floor for the hearth under/infront of the fireplace.

ahhhh rust bullet, finally