Friday, May 17, 2013

New life in an old two stroke

I don't care if you like a two stroke or not but have to like a clean diesel engine cause you know that they ain't going to be that way long...... lol .......

Engine block after machine work

After I got the block back from the machine shop I masked and painted all the little crevasses I could and painted them knowing I would never be able to get protection on them once I reassembled the engine.

gear train housing after

I had to send this housing out and have a bolt removed that was sheared off and to have the face of the starter mount trued and honed. Then I thoroughly cleaned it, masked it and painted it with the Cummings red paint.

after degreassing

After dis-assembly it took a heck of a lot of cleaning to get to this stage. I took the complete motor apart and degreased every part for inspection. Good parts were tagged for restoration and bad parts that couldn't be bought new I found rebuild able used ones to replace them with. One that comes to mind was one side of the thermostat housing with a crack in it. Now let me assure you though, every moving part of this engine was replaced with new parts with no exceptions.

after restoration engine pics

It took a long time for each part of the engine. It was a prime project for the cold winter months till a big job in the cabinet shop took me away from it.
oil cooler housing after cleaning and bead blasting.
heres the back section of the oil cooler after I cleaned, bead blasted and masked it for paint.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

engine tear down for rebuild

before pics of engine
Oh shes has a new look now. This thing here is now just a memory lol ....
didnt know how bad it really was till I looked back,
heres some before shots of the engine this would be of the oil cooler below the right bank.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Boy what a messy job. Now shes ready to go to the machine shop for a caustic bath and some machine work. I am going to have them reinstall the crank and pistons cause turning this beast over here in my little shop could be disastrous or even fatal. I'm crazy for sure but not stupid.
Over the winter I am going to restore the 8v71 and paint and chrome it out. Total rebuild back to factory specs or better. I am tired of wondering what engine to put in so I am just going to pimp out the ole two stroke and enjoy the ride.
mounting ring for bogie spring before restoration.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

After cleaning, sandblasting, then three coats of the rustbullet the hardware for the bogie springs are ready to be reinstalled on the frame.
Here is a before and after of the hardware for the trailing arms off the bottom of the bogie springs.
sand blasted just before painting.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Here shes had her sand bath and is ready for a rustbullet rubdown lol.... Its amazing how much better a part looks without the rust and grease all over it.
In the box and just starting to blast on them. Took a couple days to do both of them and the mounting hardware. Be prepared to paint as soon as you blast. Once you get bare new metal you will want to get some protection on it as it will start to rust almost as soon as you start blasting.
Heres a big boy sand box. I built this sandblasting box outta scrap ply from around the shop. stuck a nozzel and filter in it. I have a smaller version at home but needed something to to large things in. When I need to do the cross members under the engine I will just cut a hole in the end and stuff rags around the hole to hold in the sand while blasting. Good thing about free tools is when you get done with em there is no hard feeling to get over when you chuck em in the
Here is one of two of the boggie springs I got from Eric Brown. Good spring just a little ugly though. Its in need of some sand blasting and rust bullet.