Monday, February 26, 2007

Our 69 Eagle

Our bus as it sat the day I paid for it in charlotte, NC.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Can anyone tell me if this is an 8v71 with any certainty? Untill I removed the floor I had never even see one. I sure in the months to come Ill see more and more of it. But for now Im just curious, what is it, Its got a blower on the intake and no turbo on the exhaust. So its what???? Ill be educating my self in the near future on these heavy duty engines, as all my mechanicing has been done on gas powered units.

Drivers side front wheel well

Boy I cant wait to see this gone

More used parts for the taking.

Ill set em at the end of the driveway on sunday night. Any body that wants em can have

I don know???

Down into the passenger center bay

No Belgium steel left here

all new steel

My first cut

I was terrified that I was going to cut through the only member that was holding the whole bus up.

Yes it is straight as an arrow.

Im holding a tolerance of +- 1/16 of an inch, hope its close enough. Looked like the factory was holding a 1/4 inch tolerance so im thinking ill be ok here.

slideout hole

This slideout will house a vented propane fireplace in the middle and his and hers computer centers, one each side.

old vs new

east meets west


inside front passenger slideout

remember this non exsistent corner rear of the entrance door

1st of 4 slideouts

Main framing for slideout (passenger side front) all primered metal is brand new with arasol sprayed primer as temporary rust protection until rust bullet goes on. This primmer will come back off right before the bullet is sprayed.

My estimate is that about 50% of the floor sills are this bad. After you see behind the sheet metal around the wheel wells yall will agree with me, "whats even holding this bus up off of the ground"

rus, before



More rust "what surprised"

Any body know what this control it for??

You guessed it "more rust"

iky mess

Down into bay, passenger side

Down into bay, drivers side

Im putting some of these out out of the way pic up because Ill be diggin into every hole in this bus. This is just another before pic.

whew we,

12 inche roof raise window/ door cut

temporary juice

Inside front cap before pic

Cock pit before pic

Didnt I tell you it was an



and more rust

rust "before"


Spare tire area (might put the generator here)

Enterance befor remodel, later these will spiral towards the back

Rusty Eagle before repair

"Do Eagles rust?????"

Wish I knew how many shoes past these stairs.

Wonder whats under the tarp.

used windshield for sale